About Us

We assist individuals and organizations that are in transition – or ought to be. Kikanza and Lewis work alone, in their own consulting practices, and together, with colleagues, as The Robins Group.

kikanza_pic_2Kikanza Nuri-Robins is a sojourner for truth. She has been an advocate for justice, equity and inclusion — first, in the Civil Rights movement, then as an elementary school teacher and lecturer in Urban Studies, and for most of her career as a consultant. In that role, she has worked as a school desegregation cop, a teacher of public administration, and an organization development specialist serving mission-driven organizations across the country.
Dr. Nuri-Robins is a facilitator, speaker, writer and counselor. Her clients include educators, community workers, business people, and leaders of many faith traditions. The unifying thread of her work over the past 35 years has been her advocacy and support for marginalized and targeted people. She started her career thinking she would change the world. Now she knows that she is most effective making a difference, wherever in the world she finds herself, one conversation at a time.
Kikanza is the author of many articles and six books, including: Cultural Proficiency and Fish out of Water. She lives in Los Angeles where she serves on the Bio-Ethics Committee of the UCLA Medical Center and the boards of several social-service organizations. She is the chosen mother of two extraordinary women, Gogo to three brilliant and beautiful children, and Auntie to many, many more. She spends her discretionary time in her studio playing with color and textiles.
lewisLewis G. Bundy has spent his career working for social justice. He has been a teacher, a community organizer, and a desegregation consultant. As an organization development consultant, he provides training and technical assistance to educational and non-profit agencies. His focus is on helping teens and young adults develop the skills to become highly functioning citizens, and helping the adults who work with them to respond appropriately to their needs. He is an advocate for community based program development and organization, and is active in promoting local community initiatives to problem solving. He has extensive experience in youth leadership development and empowerment, conflict resolution, dealing with racism and student success.

Lewis Bundy recently retired as a university administrator, having worked in both public and private colleges. Following a long successful tenure as Director of Academic Services at San Jose State University, he served as Director of Student Services at Argosy University in Alameda, California and Assistant Vice President for Student Services at Alliant International University. His consultancy clients include major universities, public and private elementary and secondary schools, government and non-profit agencies. He serves on the board of directors for Village Connect, a culture-based personal and community empowerment agency in the Oakland bay area.

He received a BA from Occidental College, MA in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University and pursued additional graduate studies in Educational Research and Evaluation at UCLA. He and his wife live in Oakland, CA, where he is the proud father of four amazing women and four extraordinary grandchildren. He spends most of his discretionary time with his family, tinkering in his shed and plays golf whenever he can.