Making a Difference ... One Conversation at a Time

Kikanza Nuri-Robins facilitates processes that heal and transform individuals and organizations. Kikanza works with organizations whose bottom line includes the quality of the service that they provide and the relationships among employees and with the organizations’ communities. She works with individuals who are seeking to make a difference within their organizations, or in their work in the world.

The Robins Group can help you to:

  • Shift the culture of your organization
  • Create a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Align your actions and your work with your stated values
  • Critically reflect on the effectiveness of your work
  • Strategically prepare for your future
  • Examine the systems that order your life and organization
  • Assess the impact you have on the people you serve
  • Develop your leadership skills and gifts
  • Communicate your ideas clearly and effectively
  • Explore the challenges of spiritual values in your workplace

Keynote Presentations  –  Professional Development  –  Executive Coaching  –  Retreat Facilitation  –  One-to-One Consulting

Leadership Development

One who knows others is intelligent. One who knows oneself is enlightened...

Change Development

Movement is not always change. Change is not always progress...

Diversity & Inclusion

Where people of goodwill get together and transcend their differences...


One cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in any other department...

Uncivil Behavior

Micro oppressions, micro aggressions. Micro assaults. Silent assaults. Ridicule in the name of humor.

Uncivil Behavior
There Is Nothing Wrong With Those Kids: How Implicit Bias

In 1970, I was kicked out of a teacher education program in California. More accurately,...

There Is Nothing Wrong With Those Kids: How Implicit Bias Affects Black And Brown Students
Supporting Transgender Students

I recently visited a middle school that was preparing to receive a transgender girl. After...

Supporting Transgender Students
Leaving Well

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. While this may be true in some cases, there are many good reasons for quitting.

Leaving Well
Learning the Codes of a New Environment

Have you ever been somewhere you thought you were supposed to be and wondered, “What am I doing here?” Perhaps it was a social

Learning the Codes of a New Environment
Fostering Connections in Classrooms & Communities

In schools, our children are often judged by one descriptor - words that are not of their choosing. Black kid. Trouble maker. U

Fostering Connections in Classrooms & Communities

For people and organizations in transition...