Fish Out Of Water

Mentoring, Managing, and Self Monitoring People Who Don't Fit In
Name: Fish Out Of Water
AuthorsKikanza Nuri-Robins, Lewis G. Bundy
Date Published:May 10, 2016



Fish out of Water are those who don’t fit in the mainstream culture because they are too different from the dominant groups. This book offers tools for decoding cultures — moving from code switching to code sharing.

Included are
• Compelling portraits of Fish out of Water who have learned to survive and thrive in schools and other organizations
• Strategies for working with children and adults who are targeted and bullied because they are different
• Guidelines for sustaining a healthy organizational culture

For every one who has been or knows how it feels to be a Fish out of Water, this book will help you to flourish where you are, mentor others who are different, and manage the dynamics of difference as you create a culturally proficient organization.

What People Are Saying

“Every educator and every employer works with those who just don’t fit in. This work provides strategies to help the “Fish out of Water” swim more successfully in your workplace or school environment.”
David G. Daniels, Susquehanna Valley Central Schools


“Fish Out of Water made me think. It is a courageous attempt at the difficult subject of who ‘doesn’t fit’ into the spaces and places we inhabit—and why. But the most valuable part of this book is that it describes what we can do about making our schools, workplaces, and communities more inclusive, and ultimately more effective.”
Nicki King, University of California, Davis